'If I would be Roger Federer, I would think to go...', says former Top 5

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'If I would be Roger Federer, I would think to go...', says former Top 5

The upcoming 2021 French Open presents Rafael Nadal with the opportunity to surpass Roger Federer in the race for the most Grand Slams won. After clinching an incredible 13th trophy at the French Open last year, Nadal equaled Federer's record of winning 20 Grand Slam titles.

However, Nadal's biggest challenge in claiming the 14th French Open trophy will undoubtedly be his arch nemesis, Novak Djokovic. If the Serb wins in Paris, he will become the first man in the Open Era to win every Grand Slam at least twice.

Corretja on Roger Federer's goals

Recently, former Davis Cup winner Alex Corretja spoke of the ideal result Roger Federer should aim for at this year’s French Open that would put him in a better mind space moving to the grass-court tournaments.

The 47-year-old former athlete stated, “Well for me honestly reaching quarter-finals would be an amazing result. If I would be Roger which I’m not, of course, I would think to go step by step but reaching quarters I think it will be a major result because that will give him the rhythm he needs to get on the grass and be perfect of situations of different you know breakpoints and then different places to return and move his forehand and backhand mix it up a little bit with the slice”.

The two-time French Open finalist further added, “So that will give him like four-five matches maybe not five sets every match but like three sets one day four sets maybe one five-setter like the tough one that he came through and then give him a good feeling before he gets on grass.

So I think the second week and especially quarters that’s would be a great result”. Roger Federer recently appeared in an interview for GQ Magazine, where he spoke at length on several topics - including retirement and his ambitions going forward.

Federer also shed light on some of his childhood fantasies, and revealed that he once wished to have his hair colored red. "I don’t know, I’m really relaxed about where my career is, where my life is," Roger Federer said.

"And I know that this [moment] is one last big, huge opportunity for me to do something great. I mean, it’s always like this when you have achieved as much as I have. I can't believe I'm 39, to be honest," Federer said.

"Turning 40, it's like my life has gone by on the tour. I've enjoyed so many moments, I've had some tough moments, of course. I've been tired. I was hurt. I was sick. I've played with all sorts of issues. But I feel like juniors were yesterday. Do I sound like an 80-year-old person who looks back at their childhood as their favorite part?"