'I don’t know whether Roger Federer's going to stop...', says Grand Slam champion

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'I don’t know whether Roger Federer's going to stop...', says Grand Slam champion

It's okay that ends well. But it's likely that 103-tournament winner Roger Federer has rarely experienced such an opening match against a qualifier. In the first round of the 28th Ninth OPEN he did not score a single point against Ilya Ivashka of Belarus in the first three return matches.

The 1.93 meter giant on the other side did not allow anything. Federer was noted to lack match practice after a long injury hiatus. At the French Open, he left the tournament after beating Dominik Koepfer in the third round to save his injured knee for the grass season.

At first it seemed that everything was going too fast for the Swiss at the OWL-Arena. Ivashka hit each ball mercilessly. Are you afraid of the most successful turf player in history? Nothing for the 27-year-old! And Federer? Already in the second service game, the ten-time Halle winner faced two break opportunities, but he turned them down.

The backhand in particular gave him trouble. He too often he deformed from a good position. He shaking his head at Federer. In the entire first set, the eight-time Wimbledon winner only managed two points against Ivashka's serve before the tie-break, in 26 attempts.

The Belarusian had not been seen as a turf specialist so far and only won two of his four turf matches on the tour. But in the tie break the favorite with all his routine suddenly broke, quickly leading 6: 1 and taking it 7: 4 at the end with a graceful forehand volley.

Even in the second set, Federer had little to command against Ivashka's serve, but he gradually got used to high speed in baseline duels. Out of nowhere then a match point at 5: 4 - with the first break ball for the Swiss. But Ivashka stopped by volley.

However, at 6: 5, the next three match points followed. Obviously, the pressure on Ivashka was too great. An error by the Belarusian ended the game.

Andy Murray on Roger Federer

Three-time Slam champion Andy Murray recently gave his thoughts on the GOAT debate, throwing his weight equally behind Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

Murray believes that his three rivals have all achieved extraordinary feats which can givem them a claim to be better than the others. Andy Murray also expressed his desire to see Roger Federer in action for a while longer, given that he believes the Swiss still has the ability to compete.

"I mean, I don’t know whether he’s (Roger Federer) going to stop playing this year or not," Murray said. "I’d be surprised if he did, the way that he is still able to play and compete. He seems like he still loves it.

He’s been brilliant, and I hope he keeps playing for as long as he can," Andy Murray said. "I wish everyone would sort of like encourage him to keep going and keep playing as long as he can, as long as his body can do it, because we’ll miss him when it’s over."

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