Roger Federer: Felix Auger-Aliassime is a great player and he was better than me

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Roger Federer: Felix Auger-Aliassime is a great player and he was better than me

Swiss tennis star Roger Federer suffered a disappointing exit in Halle but he showed his class and admitted that Felix Auger-Aliassime deserved to win. Federer, a former world No. 1, won the opening set but Auger-Aliassime recovered to win 4-6 6-3 6-2 and reach the Halle quarterfinal.

“Of course I know Felix is a great player and he was better today,” Federer admitted. “I would have maybe lost anyhow. But it’s a tough court to play on, so it makes me really happy looking back at how grateful I can be about how well it’s gone here in Halle and how difficult it is to win here.

This type of third set I cannot accept. “I realized it was not going to be my day. There was nothing I [could] do. I started to get really negative and this is not normally how I am by any means. I think this is not something I’m happy about and proud about, but at the same time, if I look at my 1,500 matches I’ve played, these things happen.

The good thing is that I know it will not happen the next time around and the next time and the next time”.

Federer aware that he has got a challenging road ahead of him

Federer, 39, underwent two knee surgeries last year but he still loves the game and wants to play.

“It’s a huge challenge for me,” the 20-time Grand Slam champion commented. “Everybody who has been in multiple surgeries or a tough surgery knows what I’m talking about. Things don’t come simple, they don’t come easy.

You second-guess yourself rather quickly unfortunately, and that’s sometimes the biggest worry: the worry of pain or the worry of how you’re going to feel the next day or when you wake up, the first steps, how did they feel? All this stuff, it takes a little bit of a toll on you sometimes”.