'If Roger Federer reached the quarters or semis and stopped...', says legend

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'If Roger Federer reached the quarters or semis and stopped...', says legend

Roger Federer is struggling harder than expected to return to an acceptable condition, a completely normal process considering the two knee operations the Swiss has undergone in the last year and a half. The former world number 1, who will turn 40 in just over a month, shows up at Wimbledon far from 100% fit.

Suffice it to say that the Basel veteran has only played eight matches in 2021, with a balance that is anything but exciting. On the grass of Halle came a bad defeat at the hands of Felix Auger-Aliassime, which fueled doubts about the actual chances of the King at the Championships.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion's goal is to redeem the atrocious insult he suffered in 2019, but there are many more opponents to watch out for in this historical phase. Federer has always tried to keep confidence high, while indulging in some signs of nervousness in recent times.

In a recent interview with 'Tennis.com', 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert analyzed the Maestro's prospects in London in less than a week.

Chris Evert opens up on Roger Federer

"I would love to see Roger Federer go out winning Wimbledon," Chris Evert told Tennis.com.

"But if he reached the quarters or semis and stopped, to me he would still be going out on top." Evert pointed to her own career and claimed she decided to quit when she was no longer in the "race for Grand Slams."

"I was in the top three for 18 years of my pro career," the 66-year-old said. "But after 1986, I just felt that I wasn’t in the race for majors anymore. And my whole career I was in that race. So it wasn’t a struggle to quit.

I don’t know how much he (Federer) has mentally," the American said. "I know his body cannot play a full year. He loves the game, though. He hung in, trained hard, went through two surgeries over a year just to keep playing and to try to do well at Wimbledon.

I just wish he had more matches going in. He needs more matches." Tennis stadiums do not welcome as many fans as soccer or other sports. However, the concise and closed environment due to limited capacity creates an unrivaled atmosphere.

Just sitting in the Centre Court at Wimbledon Championships and soaking in all the energy will give you goosebumps. Most tennis players dream of playing at the Centre Court lawn of Wimbledon. Others, who couldn’t be tennis professionals, look forward to witnessing the sport from the stands.

Notably, the Centre Court of Wimbledon Championships has 14,979 seats, with a maximum spectator capacity of 15,000. Also, it hosts the best matches of the day during the 13 days of the Championships.