'When you watch that last match that Roger Federer lost...', says former No.1

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'When you watch that last match that Roger Federer lost...', says former No.1

In 2006, Roger Federer was on a mission to the fourth consecutive Wimbledon crown. He does not. 1 came to London after another title in Halle, and there was no one to beat him in the first five matches, barely losing serve and displacing all opponents in three sets.

In the semi-finals, Roger defeated veteran Swede Jonas Bjorkman, the oldest semi-finalist at Wimbledon since Jimmy Connors in 1987. The Swiss needed 77 minutes to achieve a 6-2, 6-0, 6-2 win, achieving one of the semi-final plus one-sided wins at Wimbledon and the 10th straight sets win at the All England Club.

At 73% service, Roger lost 13 points in 11 service games, never faced a break point and dominated on the return to secure seven breaks and control the pace from start to finish. Jonas and Roger had practiced many times before, but the Swede could do nothing against the powerful opponent, suffering the first break in the third game and losing the first match in 27 minutes.

Federer was even more brutal in the second set, delivering a zero in just over 20 minutes and closing the deal with a double break in set number three to reserve a spot in the fourth consecutive Wimbledon final. "It was a perfect match for me.

I had high expectations before I started and I'm satisfied with the level I produced today. In a way, it's great to get a win like this, feeling so good on the court. It's not easy to maintain that level during the best-of-five match, but I did it.

You don't have a chance to stay at this level for the entire match, and the feeling is great, especially when you score such an impressive win in the Major semi-final. Jonas didn't play that bad, no crazy mistakes or things like that.

He just fell short, unable to perform better. At 34, Jonas looks fit as ever, playing many tournaments in both singles and doubles."

The former World No.1 has not been at his best

Chris Evert has termed multiple reasons, as a result of Roger Federer’s difficult quest to the finals.

He has not been playing the way he used to, as the 2019 Wimbledon finalist, recently lost in the Halle Open. He lost to Felix Auger Aliassime after he lost his concentration in the third set. “I think it’s going to be an uphill battle for Roger only because, like, when you watch that last match that he lost, he voices his sentiments that he was so disappointed that he had to take a couple hours to think about it, disappointed in himself,” said the Hall of Famer in her interview.

The former World No1 has not been at his best. The knee surgeries in 2020 forced him to take rest for a long time. He has only played two grass court matches this year, and lost out cheaply to easy opponents. He will be playing his second slam event this year.