'Roger Federer will be the one deciding whether or not...', says top analyst

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'Roger Federer will be the one deciding whether or not...', says top analyst

Since his return to Doha, Roger Federer has expressed his enthusiasm for playing again at Wimbledon. Mainly, he even established turf as his biggest goal for the 2021 season. In addition, the 39-year-old participated in the 2021 French Open to prepare for the most critical two weeks on grass.

But as he advanced to the fourth round there, he retired afterward, resting his body for the turf season. After that, Federer appeared on his own turf at ATP Halle 2021. Although he was a record 10-time tournament champion, he saw an early start against Canadian contender Felix Auger-Aliassime in the second round.

Thus, more than a few questions hang over the 2019 finalists' campaign at Wimbledon this year. But given its world-class repertoire, all questions settle. Without a doubt, all eyes will be on Federer when he steps onto the preferred surface after two years.

So the next question is: Will Federer go all the way at Wimbledon? What to expect from Federer at Wimbledon? When Federer withstood a five-set game that lasted more than three hours against Dominik Koepfer at Roland-Garros, he made a clear statement about his fitness.

Also, he has been looking forward to playing at Wimbledon for a long time. Looking back, the 39-year-old could have a bitter memory of losing the 2019 final to Novak Djokovic after scoring championship points. In conclusion, this time he would want to change the outcome.

Above all, Federer and Wimbledon have a long history, and one can surely expect inexplicable tennis over the 14 days. Some suggest it could be his last genuine chance to win the 21st Grand Slam title. Do you think the Swiss master will lift the trophy at Wimbledon 2021.

Corretja opens up on Roger Federer

Alex Corretja believes Roger Federer's situation shows just how hard it is for older players to come back from serious injury. "“It makes us realise how difficult it is to come back after a big injury," the former World No.

2 said. "How difficult is it to come back when you are 39 years old? It’s what he has right now and you need to accept that and then he will be the one deciding whether or not he wants to continue. If he sees that he is ready to come back to his best level, he will continue.

If he feels like he cannot be at the level he wants and can’t win Slams. I don’t think he will continue," he added.