'If Roger Federer feels like he cannot be at the level he wants...', says analyst

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'If Roger Federer feels like he cannot be at the level he wants...', says analyst

After having played an excellent tournament at Roland Garros, which saw him reach the round of 16 before giving up against Matteo Berrettini, former world number one Roger Federer made his return to Halle, Germany, where he already triumphed ten times.

Here, the Swiss beat Ilja Ivashka in three sets before losing to Canadian youngster Félix Auger-Aliassime with a score of 4-6 6-3 6-2. Now, King Roger will have to defend the 2019 Wimbledon final, lost to Novak Djokovic after having two match points on his serve.

Corretja on Roger Federer's situation

Speaking to Eurosport, Alex Corretja said Roger Federer's negative body language throughout the match was a worrying sign in the lead up to Wimbledon, which begins on Monday.

"I’m just worried he doesn’t feel 100 per cent on his knee because it’s normal that his movements are still not the best," Corretja said. "Well, he needs a very, very good first week to get the rhythm that he needs to become good the second week and to perform well.

I think if he gets the rhythm that he needs, he’s going to be very dangerous but there are many players that right now can hurt him, when before it was maybe only two or three," the Spaniard added. Corretja believes Federer's situation shows just how hard it is for older players to come back from serious injury.

"“It makes us realise how difficult it is to come back after a big injury," the former World No. 2 said. "How difficult is it to come back when you are 39 years old? It’s what he has right now and you need to accept that and then he will be the one deciding whether or not he wants to continue.

If he sees that he is ready to come back to his best level, he will continue. If he feels like he cannot be at the level he wants and can’t win Slams. I don’t think he will continue," he added. The Swiss national has been suffering injuries since the past two years.

A major knee injury in 2019 kept him out of action, and the frequency of operations has not helped him either. Further, surgeries, the absence from courts, and age have not been on Federer’s side. He will be needing some other form of motivation in order to reach the great heights.

Federer is expected to make a comeback this year, and go for his record 21st slam title. However, the Swiss has not had the luck in his favor. He has played only eight matches this year, and he had to pull out of the French Open as well. It will be a difficult task for the 39-year old to go six games unbeaten in the tournament.