'It's going to be a good and bad thing for Roger Federer', says Aussie legend

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'It's going to be a good and bad thing for Roger Federer', says Aussie legend
'It's going to be a good and bad thing for Roger Federer', says Aussie legend

After beating his arch nemesis Rafael Nadal in an epic five-set final, Roger Federer claimed his fifth consecutive Wimbledon trophy in 2007. Before the presentation ceremony, the trendy tennis star donned a sleek all-white suit .

The Swiss master wore the classic suit because he thought it would look iconic as he held the golden trophy in his hands. However, moments later he found himself in an awkward situation. What embarrassing thing did Roger Federer do? As Federer walked down the court to receive the trophy, with the crowd clapping thunderously, he tried to reach into his pocket only to find that he had turned his pants backwards.

Standing in front of the crowd with his pants backwards, Federer referred to it as "A classic, fun and most embarrassing moment of my tennis career." "I went to receive the trophy, and as I walk down, I'm a little nervous, and when I put my hands in my pockets, I realize that the pockets are going backwards, I thought, 'It's too late!

I can't change them anymore!'” Federer said. Despite Federer trying to cover it up, the eagle-eyed British photographers went wild when they saw the zipper of his pants on the back. However, the then 25-year-old smiled and greeted the fascinating Wimbledon crowd to celebrate his fifth title at the All England Club.

Since then, Federer has won three more trophies at Wimbledon, making him the most successful man in Wimbledon history. Currently, Federer shares the record for most Grand Slam trophies won with Nadal in 20 major championship titles, while Novak Djokovic is one of 19.

As the 2021 Wimbledon Championship is about to begin, fans of the Tennis eagerly await to witness Federer's graceful shot-taking as he hopes to become a nine-time champion.

Roger Federer is seeded sixth

In a recent interview with Matt Trollope for Australian Open, nine-time Wimbledon doubles champion Todd Woodbridge weighed in on Roger Federer's chances at the All England Club this year.

Woodbridge claims the Swiss' experience at Roland Garros would have boosted his chances going into Wimbledon. But the Aussie also questioned whether Federer's body could hold up in long five-set matches. "I think he found that competitive nature and spirit that he needed," Woodbrdge said.

"The best-of-five format is going to be a good and bad thing for him. He's going to have time to be able to find ways to win and to hang in, but if he does have a couple of long matches, how is his recovery?" he added. "That's the one thing we don't know; given this length of time away from the game, what's that going to do to him?."

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