'Roger Federer voices his sentiments that he was so...', says legend

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'Roger Federer voices his sentiments that he was so...', says legend

The tournament that Roger Federer has been looking forward to for two years is now just around the corner. In fact, the 2021 edition of Wimbledon will kick off on Monday, in a very different atmosphere than what we were used to.

The Swiss champion dreams of putting his ninth title in the Championships on the showcase, so as to redeem the atrocious insult suffered in the 2019 final. It would be useless to hide that the former world number 1 does not reach the top of his great seasonal goal, having played very few official matches in the last year and a half.

Of the eight games played so far in 2021, the 39-year-old from Basel boasts a not so exciting record of five wins and three defeats. The last one arrived on the beloved Halle grass about ten days ago, however in quite alarming ways.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion was in fact reassembled by Felix Auger-Aliassime in the second round, practically disappearing from the field in the third and decisive set. The Wimbledon draw lent a hand to King Roger, who may not be able to meet Novak Djokovic before the final, but the recent version of the Maestro is beatable for many players.

In a long conversation on 'Tennis.com', the legendary Chris Evert expressed more than a few doubts about the current state of form of the Swiss.

Chris Evert reflects on Roger Federer

“It’s going to be an uphill battle for Roger Federer because when you watch that last match that he lost, he voices his sentiments that he was so disappointed that he had to take a couple hours to think about it, disappointed in himself,” said Chris Evert.

“There gets a point where you wake up in the morning, you go out, even the will to win isn’t enough. It’s just not there. That’s why I’ve said for the last four years about Serena, can she string together seven matches? People would look at me like, Why not? People don’t understand.

They think you’re going to come out there every day and play your A game. That doesn’t happen, especially when you play 20 years on the tour. In her case, 25 years. In Roger’s case also. It’s going to be really monumental, to me, if he could even reach the final.

It’s possible obviously. To me it’s just going to be very, very hard to do that”. Wimbledon Championships is the third annual Grand Slam tournament on the tennis calendar that falls near the end of June. It is the oldest and, more importantly, one of the most cherished sporting events in the world. Not to mention, its traditional culture, surface, and food amplify the whole Wimbledon experience.