Roger Federer: It was nice sharing court with Andy Murray

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Roger Federer: It was nice sharing court with Andy Murray
Roger Federer: It was nice sharing court with Andy Murray (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Former world No. 1 Roger Federer absolutely enjoyed practicing with Andy Murray on Friday at The All England Club. “It was very nice sharing the court again with Andy,” Federer said. “We were trying to think when [was] the last time we shared a practice court together.

I thought it was the Australian Open in 2005 or something. He thought it was maybe Rome in 2006. We didn't do it for a long time. “I hope he can go deep here, have a nice run. Same for me. I think we always back our chances on this surface.

But it was great spending time on the court again with Andy. It's nice to see him out there”.

Murray also enjoyed practicing with Federer

“Getting to play with Roger was really cool for me. They're the sort of things that probably like six, seven years ago I wouldn't have given any thought to it,” Murray said.

“I would have seen that as just being a practice session pre-major with a top player, and focusing kind of on myself. “I'm probably appreciating these things more. When I take a step back from that, as a tennis fan, getting to play with Roger Federer two days before Wimbledon, it's really great”.

In his lone grass-court tournament played this grass season, Federer suffered a round-of-16 loss in Halle. However, he has moved past the Halle exit and he is feeling mentally great ahead of Wimbledon. “The good thing now, looking back, is I know it will not happen here because I'm ready, I'm excited, I'm pumped up.

I know I can do so much better,” Federer said. “I think I've got to take the positives out of these last few weeks, that I'm actually here at Wimbledon right now and I have a chance. I know if I get rolling, I get into the second week – which is the goal here right now, that I get stronger and stronger as every match goes by – I believe it's very much possible.

“I come here feeling mentally strong rather [than] the last set I played in Halle, which was clearly not the standard I like”.

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