Roger Federer: 'How we manage our day-to-day stuff with the family is...'

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Roger Federer: 'How we manage our day-to-day stuff with the family is...'

Two years later, Roger Federer returned to sit in the press room at Wimbledon 2021 and did so as part of the tennis players who will be passing this weekend for Media Day. At his press conference, towards the end, Roger speaks openly about what happened to him in Halle last week and explains that this Wimbledon is going to be revealing for him in many ways, perhaps to see if his level is or not in terms of results and if that may affect your motivation to continue competing.

"I will decide with my team after Wimbledon what we will do. Depending on what I do here, whether I play well or badly, that will have an impact on everything I play this summer. I would like to go to the Olympics, I would like to play as many tournaments as possible.

In other years, this was easier, but things are no longer as simple as in the past. With age you must be more selective. You can't play it all. In a few weeks, I'll find out. It was great to be able to share a track with him again.

We were talking about when was the last time we trained together. I think it was at the 2005 Australian Open, or somewhere around. He said that Rome 2006. The question, that we had not done it for a long time. I saw him well. He looks comfortable on grass.

I hope he can go far here. The same for me. It is very good to see you here."

The Swiss ace reflected on the good and bad moments in their careers

Recently, Roger Federer voiced his opinion on similarities with American star Serena Williams.

Along this beautiful journey, they have come across various obstacles but they have somehow found a way to overcome these barriers. Having started their careers as teenagers, they have entered parenthood and the desire to compete for the biggest honors still remains high.

The 39-year-old player spoke on this topic and stated, “I mean you would think that we found ways to keep ourselves happy, motivated, and entertained and not let the negatives dominate our daily struggles and things we’re going through like any other tennis player.

How we manage our day-to-day stuff with the family is very important because if you have a family it’s easier to walk away from it all”. The former World No. 1 further added, “Everybody goes through ups and downs.

Our careers have been mainly ups for a long time and maybe it’s arguably easier to stay happy and motivated but at the same time only the best is good enough for us and it puts a lot of pressure on ourselves. Truthfully, I don’t think my goal was to play till 39 or 40. It was maybe till 35 I was thinking”.