Roger Federer: 'I feel the better teams have the best chance as well with...'

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Roger Federer: 'I feel the better teams have the best chance as well with...'

Roger Federer is the most anticipated man at Wimbledon, not only for his magnificent love affair with the London tournament, but also because it could be his last performance there. The Swiss champion will go on the hunt for his ninth seal at the Championships, but the feeling is that this time it will take a monumental feat to get to the bottom.

The former world number 1, who will turn 40 on 8 August, has played very few official matches in the last year and a half, with a balance that is anything but exciting (five wins against three defeats). The 39-year-old from Basel managed to play only two grass games before Wimbledon, stopping already in the second round in Halle.

His path was blocked by Felix Auger-Aliassime, who dominated second and third sets taking advantage of a very pale version of King Roger. The first rounds will be crucial to understanding Federer's real ambitions at Church Road, as he himself admitted during the traditional Saturday press conference.

To ease the tension, he was asked to make a prediction on the final stages of Euro 2020.

Federer has been presented with a slightly tricky draw

Roger Federer stated, “Ya during Halle I was watching a lot then back home a bit less because there’s always stuff at home.

Here now at Wimbledon with the bubble life, we have more time to watch again and now we’re waiting for the knockout stages and I’m really happy that Switzerland qualified for the knockout stages. We’re playing France and in my mind, we’re not the favorites but I’m looking forward to some good matches and probably France, Germany or Belgium are the favorites”.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner further added, “I also feel with the current system they can change five players rather than three changes. I feel the better teams have the best chance as well with the squad being stronger.

So I think it’s hard to get to see major surprises but I hope Switzerland does well and I’ll be supporting them all the way of course”. Federer has often claimed that his season truly begins only at Wimbledon, where he is always regarded as one of the favorites irrespective of his form.

But things aren't looking too bright for the 2019 runner-up this time around, especially given his demoralizing defeat to Felix Auger-Aliassime at Halle last week. While the result in itself was not surprising, the manner in which Federer surrendered in the last two sets raised a fair few eyebrows.

The Swiss great also found very little success on his serve, which is arguably his biggest weapon at the age of 39.