'Roger Federer showed players could play at the back of the court and...', says Cash

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'Roger Federer showed players could play at the back of the court and...', says Cash

Tennis legend and twenty-time Grand Slam title winner Roger Federer will return to Wimbledon tomorrow. After two years of absence from the tournament and with the tennis player now on the threshold of forty it is difficult to consider Roger among the favorites of the tournament, but the fans are hoping for a last fairy tale by the Swiss, committed in the first round against the insidious Frenchman Adrien Mannarino.

Roger Federer is on the opposite side of the board from reigning champion and world number one Novak Djokovic, so the 'remake' of the 2019 final could only happen again in the final. At the same time the Swiss could face the French Richard Gasquet in the second round and eventually in the third round he would have a very insidious challenge against the Queen's finalist Cameron Norrie.

This season Roger has appeared in trouble in several tournaments, not least the Halle tournament where, despite the grass, he fell against the young Canadian tennis player Felix Auger Aliassime.

Pat Cash on Roger Federer

Pat Cash offered his take on the ever-raging GOAT debate.

The 1987 Wimbledon champion believes head-to-head records play an important role in determining the greatest player of all time. “Head-to-heads are significant. If you want to throw in who the greatest player of all time is, you have to have a winning head to head record against your other peers,” Cash said.

“Overall, (as) a player who can do everything, Roger Federer has to be up there. Nadal, of course, was a very good volleyer and was able to use that," Cash said. "Not in the later years because his tactics were never going to trouble Federer.

But Novak’s returning, serving and ground strokes on slower grass courts that we have these days, to me, it feels like a bit of a pity that the courts have slowed down so much. Or the balls have slowed down, I should say."

Cash then proceeded to lavish praise on 20-time Major winner Roger Federer. “I think he certainly transformed tennis. He brought it to another level in the modern era. He showed players could play at the back of the court and be equally as good at the net and around the net,” Cash said.

Fans and spectators expect class, entertainment and fun from the Wimbledon Championships. The tournament is about a summer of strawberries with cream and a beautiful sunny morning, with hard hitting on the grass court. The men and women in white clad, and rallying for every point, as the grass becomes older, and the court becomes faster.