Richard Gasquet: There is only one Roger Federer

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Richard Gasquet: There is only one Roger Federer

Richard Gasquet, 35, is excited about playing Roger Federer on the Centre Court at Wimbledon. In the Wimbledon first round, Gasquet beat Yuichi Sugita in four sets to set up a Federer clash. "I’m playing for this.

When I was in the first round, I saw the draw. I knew I could play Roger in the second round,” Gasquet told “Of course it’s wonderful for me, because I will play on Centre Court. It’s Roger Federer.

I’ve played him many times. I’m practising for this." Gasquet had nothing but great words to say of Federer. “He’s the best player of course. His technique is amazing. Sometimes we are talking a lot about the best player in history or something like that [and wonder] who will win the most Grand Slams,” Gasquet said.

“But of course there are other things. There is technique, the beauty of the game, the motion. He’s a classic player, he’s an incredible player, the best player to watch. There is only one Roger Federer”.

Gasquet aims to stun Federer

The head-to-head record stands on Federer's side as the Swiss leads their head-to-head 18-2. “[I had] some injuries the past two years, so of course I’m just trying to be healthy, to do my best.

I’m still focusing on the game, I really love it. That’s why I’m still playing,” Gasquet said. “I’m trying my best and it’s crazy for me to play against... Roger Federer. It’s a big chance for me to go there and try my best to play the best match and win”.

35-year-old Gasquet says he is still playing because of moment like this. “I’m still playing on big stages, I did at Roland Garros. I can do it again here on Centre Court,” Gasquet said. “Many years I didn’t play on it, so I’m very happy I can face him again. I’ll try my best to win”.