Roger Federer did not like training much in his younger days

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Roger Federer did not like training much in his younger days

Aside from his tennis, which no number of adjectives can do justice to when he's in his prime, one thing Roger Federer could be given a lot of credit for is that he's good with dating, especially the ones that matter a lot in his life.

and career. However, even remembering dates has its limits. Turns out, when it comes to remembering his wedding date, he's like most husbands who would smile shyly and beg you not to dig deep. But ask him in which year he recorded his first victory over Rafael Nadal on the Tour, he will have it on the tip of his tongue.

What's more, not only will he give you the year he got his first win over his former partner, but also the tournament he did it in. Sitting down to answer some interesting questions from fans about his life and career, the Swiss had a happy excuse to return to his first Tour, the year he launched his foundation, his Tour victory against Nadal, the year he He served as a ball boy in Basel, on his wedding day and many more.

The first time he beat the 13-time French Open champion on the men's Tour, Federer was quick with his response saying, "Was it the 2005 Miami finals?" As always, he was very good at beating the 'King of Clay' in five sets to lift the title.

And, as inevitably happens when these two champions meet at opposite ends of a tennis court, it was an epic final in which two of the sets ended in a tiebreaker. Fighting back after losing the first two sets, Federer finally prevailed 2-6, 6-7 (4-7), 7-6 (7-5), 6-3, 6-1.

However, when asked about his wedding date, the Swiss was less forthcoming and said: "2009, don't ask me about the date." Federer said that even his wife struggles to remember their wedding day. However, he added.

In good measure, that even his wife Mirka would have a hard time remembering their wedding day. “Mirka and I would have trouble remembering the date. So it's not just me, ”added Federer. Investigated more deeply, the 39-year-old said he got married in April on a "sunny day."

Roger Federer on the longevity of his career

Recently, Roger Federer spoke about the longevity of his career. There is a combination of various factors that come into play; however, the most important aspect is to still have the same passion for the game as he did when he first became a professional player.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner stated, “I love playing tennis, I love traveling around the world and I don’t even mind training anymore. I didn’t like it when I was younger, but now I’ve really started to enjoy everything that goes with [tennis].

I love my family and I love the tennis tour and if I can combine those things, it makes me a really happy person”. Federer began his journey at the All England Club yesterday and won his opening round match after a slight scare.

He was trailing two sets to one when his opponent injured himself after slipping on the grass. After that, the Swiss ace clinched the fourth set, and having played just one point in the fifth set, his opponent retired.