'I admire Roger Federer for his...', says ATP star

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'I admire Roger Federer for his...', says ATP star

Roger Federer qualified for the third round of the 2021 Wimbledon edition thanks to a three-set victory over Frenchman Richard Gasquet. Good performance by Federer, according to some the best compared to his return to the circuit since March.

The Swiss champion appeared to the media at a press conference and released his impressions. At the end of the match, the twenty-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments said: "I played a good match, perhaps one of my best three matches since my return together with Daniel Evans in Doha and Marin Cilic at Roland Garros.

I felt good both physically and with the game and was relaxed against a great opponent, who plays very well on a surface like grass. The victory against Gasquet gives me a lot of confidence for the future and I was able to shoot my shots with normality, it got better every day and I have to say I felt much better.

It was a good game for me, great atmosphere and above all I won without spending much time on the pitch. "Regarding the London crowd Federer said:" I think it was the first round of 2002. I lost in the first round against Mario Ancic, but everyone had trust me and they remembered my win the previous year over Pete Sampras, in that edition I reached the quarter-finals against Tim Henman and therefore in that tournament they saw me as one of the favorites.

Already against Sampras I saw that there were several people cheering for me and I must say that the victory against Sampras was one of the most fantastic games ever won "Roger Federer then concluded with an analysis on Cameron Norrie, his next opponent: "He's improved a lot this year, he is playing well on all surfaces and has worked a lot on his game.

I appreciate these types of opponents and a tennis player like me who has been stopped for a year and a half due to injury is always curious to see new players and face them, he is a really good guy and I'm happy to face him, he will be a great game."

Oscar Otte talks about Roger Federer

Oscar Otte recently spoke to tennis MAGAZIN, where he claimed that Roger Federer is the greatest player of all time. Otte believes that Federer's flawless demeanor - both on and off the court - puts him ahead of Novak Djokovic, who has been at the center of a fair few controversies of late.

"No matter who wins the (Grand Slam) race, from my point of view, Federer is the greatest," Otte said. "Unfortunately, I am not objective. I admire him for his demeanor. He is the figurehead for tennis. He has built a flawless image and not, like Djokovic, caused scandals.

It was difficult to play against him (Federer, at Roland Garros), of course, but I played well," Otte said. "But a lot of new things came up to me. For example, it was the first time I had real interviews." The German added that the match took a lot out of him, but that the experience of locking horns with Federer was "cool"

"That's why I was exhausted for a few days after the match," Otte said. "(But) it was a cool experience. The only stupid thing was that I got injured again afterwards and couldn’t take this positive swing with me."