'That’s what Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have got', says legend

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'That’s what Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have got', says legend

The first week of Wimbledon is over and on this Sunday of rest world number one Novak Djokovic spent time talking to the media about his run-up to the title. The Serbian champion is the big favorite of the London tournament and spent the first week not offering great tennis but passing his rounds quite easily, losing only one set in the first round against young British Jack Draper.

Novak Djokovic is now part of the Big Three's rivalry with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal but a good part of the world audience continues to see him as the 'bad guy' due to certain behaviors and does not put him on the same level as the other two.

The number one in the world gave an interesting interview to the microphones of Tennis Majors where he answered all the questions and spoke like this: "In 90% of the competitions I play the public is against me, I don't have to face only my rival.

but also the public. It's something I've gotten used to, but I'm a human being and I have feelings. I think it is human to see situations where I react to fans who provoke me "In many parts of the world they do not like the behavior of the Serbian who instead receives great affection from the public in Asia, the Serbian then continued speaking like this: "Sometimes I have explosive reactions but I need to express my emotions.

I have to release the tension in the heat of battle, I am inspired by wolves as a guide of my spiritual nature and when I was a child I spent a lot of time in the mountains to see them. Those encounters had a big impact on me and generated a connection that I still feel today.

I have that hunger for glory, that energy that I sometimes develop through real roars, which are very useful for my victories." Former Grand Slam champion Boris Becker has paid a glowing tribute to the Big 3, saying that what sets Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic apart is their ability to keep calm under pressure and control their emotions.

Boris Becker on the Big 3

“It’s important to learn to control your emotions and to not give up the fight until the last point is played. That’s what Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have got. Novak Djokovic could write a book about that.

I love Djokovic’s attitude. He’s like a street fighter. But when I started coaching him, I took the time to get to know the person away from the player,” Boris Becker said. The German added that while Djokovic is as fierce a competitor as they come on court and is often “cold and mechanical” in his manner of working opponents over, take him away from tennis and one will not find a more endearing person.

“The person is very different to the player you see on the court. The player is mechanical, even cold. But he’s the opposite in private. He’s got the most endearing character you can find. I always found it intriguing how those two personalities can exist within one person,” the stalwart added.