'Roger Federer took time away from me all the time but...', says ATP ace


'Roger Federer took time away from me all the time but...', says ATP ace

Roger Federer is giving an accredited accelerated course during this first week of Wimbledon. With today's cameras, you can see even more the perfection with which the Helvetian moves around the court and hits the ball. Anyone who has never seen a tennis match and glimpses a match by the Swiss maestro will stare at television in astonishment, considering Roger as an artist.

And it is. Roger Federer continues to amaze friends and strangers with his progressive adaptation to himself. He's always looking ahead, looking to play on the court and finding winning shots with relative ease. Cameron Norrie was the victim number three of the Helvetian in this Wimbledon tournament, yielding to the good game of the Swiss by 6-4, 6-4, 5-7 and 6-4.

Indomitable and incredible. This is how Roger Federer showed himself. He came out alert, knowing how dangerous he was in today's game, and when Federer plays with maximum intensity, it seems really complex to disturb him. The Helvetian wants to gain feelings and confidence, knowing the difficult commitment that awaits him in the second week of competition, Norrie tried everything to get Roger out of his comfort zone.

Slashed backhand and forehand blows, shots, serves with all possible effects, drops, rises to the net, but it was the Briton who ended up getting caught in the net woven by himself. Although he had some options to put the Swiss in trouble, Norrie could do nothing in the first two sets.

6-4 and 6-4 in a little over an hour. What has been seen and not seen and with the party practically sentenced. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cameron Norrie is a tennis player who never gives up and fights each ball as if it were his last.

The Briton never gave up the game for lost and when Federer had almost everything to close the match, Norrie's solidity and good tennis appeared to surprise everyone and win the third set 7-5. Many were the people who were nervous about what happened.

Federer's face didn't change, far from it. He knew how to handle the situation wonderfully and had no problem waiting for a level down from his rival to take one last thrust that would be the definitive one.

Norrie talks about Roger Federer

Cameron Norrie has backed Roger Federer to make a deep run at Wimbledon this year after losing to the Swiss in the third round on Saturday.

Federer beat Norrie 6-4, 6-4, 5-7, 6-4 after playing some spotless tennis for the majority of their two-and-a-half hour contest. "He is serving very well," Norrie said. "I was especially surprised by how difficult it is to attack his second serve.

You can tell that he loves this tournament and knows how to play. I think he has been very intelligent on the court, showing such aggressive and dynamic tennis. I think that if he maintains this level, he can go very far in the tournament.

I have given too much in the first two sets (but) I competed until the end, I fought very hard to come back, but I was quite disappointed not to have been at the expected level," Norrie said. "I think it was partly because of how fast Roger played.

He imposed a very high pace, he took time away from me all the time, but I think I could have done much better today."

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