Roger Federer: 'How do you say it? I just want to be...'

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Roger Federer: 'How do you say it? I just want to be...'

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer confessed a few days ago at a press conference that he had not yet fully decided his participation for these Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. Everything was going to depend largely on his current physical condition during these days at Wimbledon.

Well then, the teacher has spoken. The Swiss has announced that he will be in Tokyo this month to fight for the gold medal. It will be his fifth participation in a tournament of these characteristics, after having played it in Sydney (2000), Athens (2004), Beijing (2008) and London (2012).

The former World No.1 has comeback from injury

Roger Federer sustained a knee injury last year, which kept him out of action for a long period of time. The former World No.1 has comeback from injury after two successful knee surgeries.

The fans have vouched for him to win the tournament this year, for a record ninth Wimbledon title. Roger Federer underwent two knee surgeries in 2020. However, the 39-year-old’s grit and stubbornness did not hold him back; he made a comeback in March this year.

“Of course you have positive thinking. I was positive in itself wanting to. How do you say it? I just want to be healthy again, you know. So that’s worth it in itself to go through rehab, work hard and do all that stuff.

Is it still worth it? I think its normal that after every surgery, going in or coming out of it when you are on crutches, is it really worth it?,” said Federer in an interview with Tennis Channel. Federer also stressed that he had his own ambitions and problems to deal with, with the knee injury being one of them.

"I don't think I am playing because he is doing well or he is doing great things or same as Rafa," Roger Federer said. "I think I'm doing my own thing and I have had problems of my own, the knee. It's just very, very impressive to see what he's (Novak Djokovic) doing this year," Roger Federer continued.

"I mean, like you said, it's gonna be another big one for him in the coming days. There's always danger in the draw, wherever you look but at the same time he has different ways on how to win matches. And he's done incredibly well in Australia now again and also in Paris, where he was exceptional of course.

He looks like the big favorite here going into whatever round he goes into," Federer added. "He deserves it, he worked extremely hard and he's playing great at the same time too, so he's gonna be tough to beat."