Roger Federer: You have to prove it to yourself you can do it again

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Roger Federer: You have to prove it to yourself you can do it again

Swiss tennis star Roger Federer, 39, has proved himself this Wimbledon that he is still capable of playing at the highest possible level. On Monday, Federer beat Lorenzo Sonego to progress into the Wimbledon quarterfinal.

“To some extent it's nice to see that the work I put in paid off [and] that I'm able to play at this level with best-of-five sets,” Federer said. “When you're young, you don't ask yourself the question.

But when you're me, with the year I had, it's all question marks all over the place. You have to prove it again to yourself that you can actually do it. I was willing to take losses for the sake of information, just to be out there, [to] get the body in shape for hopefully when Wimbledon comes around,m that I can actually wake up in the morning and feel all right, that I can still go out and play five sets.

“I feel that way, so it's very rewarding and it's a good feeling. Now we'll see how much more I’ve got left in the tank. Clearly [it] was important again to win in straight sets. [I am] looking forward to the next round”.

Federer adjusted to the conditions

The roof closed down during the match versus Sonego but Federer still claimed a straight-set win. “It was very interesting when the roof shut again [towards the end of the first set].

I could see that it was getting a little bit more slippery again. The humidity goes up, whereas I didn't break a sweat really on the outside. It was windy, it was fresh. Still it played faster,” Federer said. “When you play indoors, it's just much slower… I think also that was definitely one of the reasons maybe I struggled against Mannarino.

On top of it, he got the upper hand from the baseline”. Federer will fight Hubert Hurkacz for a spot in the Wimbledon semifinal.