Roger Federer: There is difference between outdoors and indoors tennis

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Roger Federer: There is difference between outdoors and indoors tennis

After the roof closed down, Roger Federer adjusted and handed Lorenzo Sonego a straight-set defeat at Wimbledon. On Manic Monday, Federer and Sonego started their match with the roof opened but they finished the match with the roof closed down.

“It was very interesting when the roof shut again [towards the end of the first set]. I could see that it was getting a little bit more slippery again. The humidity goes up, whereas I didn't break a sweat really on the outside.

It was windy, it was fresh. Still it played faster,” Federer said. “When you play indoors, it's just much slower… I think also that was definitely one of the reasons maybe I struggled against Mannarino.

On top of it, he got the upper hand from the baseline”.

Federer acknowledged there is a difference

“It's just amazing the difference an indoor and an outdoor situation can do,” Federer said. “You would think that indoors is easier to ace.

I don't feel it's the case. I feel like you have to put extra power in your shots [so] that something happens. I think that was one of the reasons for me that I maybe struggled early on, because you can become very insecure when you don't get your service winners”.

Federer struggled in his Wimbledon opener against Adrian Mannarino but since then he has drastically improved his form. “Now I've had some good progress. I'm taking the ball earlier. Obviously I've gotten used to the conditions, gotten used to the balls, the court speed.

I'm able to take more balls on the rise, on the half-volley,” Federer said. “All these little things make a difference at the end of the day”. After beating Sonego, Federer said: “To some extent it's nice to see that the work I put in paid off [and] that I'm able to play at this level with best-of-five sets."