'I don't think Roger Federer wants to stay at this level forever', says top coach

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'I don't think Roger Federer wants to stay at this level forever', says top coach

It has been a few days since Roger Federer left Wimbledon Center Court after receiving a beautiful ovation. Have we therefore witnessed the latest performance of the Swiss phenomenon in the Cathedral of tennis? Difficult to answer now, as Roger himself pointed out during the press conference.

The former world number 1 did not play a bad tournament reaching the quarterfinals, but the clear defeat at the hands of Hubert Hurkacz - complete with bagels in the third set - cannot go unnoticed for a legend of his caliber.

The 39-year-old from Basel is still far from a sufficient condition to aim for the highest levels, having exposed a series of gaps that are not easy to solve at the age of 40. The feeling is that the next 2-3 months will be crucial for his future.

Heinz Gunthardt, a former excellent tennis player, is also convinced of this, following King Roger's matches in London with great apprehension. In a long interview granted to 'Tagesanzeiger', Heinz expressed his opinion on the future of the Swiss Maestro.

Gunthardt opens up on Roger Federer

"Roger Federer needs to beat important rivals, it would have been key for Roger to face Medvedev, for example, to have a reference of where his tennis is. In London he has been able to verify that he has the level to continue competing, but at the same time, the way in which the game against Hurkacz ended is worrying because it gave the feeling that he did not know how to win a point.

I think that only he can say if the passage through the tournament has been positive," said Heinz Gunthardt. "My feeling is that the flame has not gone out, Roger wants to continue playing tennis and, what I saw at Wimbledon, is that he was even too keen, he wanted to do more than recommended given the time he had not played at this level.

I do not know if he will continue playing in 2022 because I do not think he wants to stay at this level forever. My perception of the matter is that he is going to squeeze the next two or three months to try to put himself in the situation of fighting for the maximum, and if not, He will make a decision, "he said before commenting on Roger Federer's presence at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games."

I don't see any reason why he shouldn't play there," Heinz Günthardt said. A new Roger Federer commercial was recently released by Rolex, one of the world's biggest luxury watch brands. Federer was featured in a video montage to promote the "Rolex Explorer II" watch, but the concept and tone of the ad haven't gone down too well with some fans on social media.

Roger Federer has been a brand ambassador for Rolex since 2006, and has starred in several commercials for the company over the years.