'I wish Roger Federer one more time with all of us', says top coach

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'I wish Roger Federer one more time with all of us', says top coach

Wimbledon 2021 may have represented Roger Federer's last performance in his Temple, which saw him triumph eight times (in addition to having had two chances on the racket to lift the ninth trophy). The Swiss phenomenon has been the author of a decent ride this year, but the quarter-finals can never be a satisfactory result for a legend of his caliber.

Barring his way was an excellent Hubert Hurkacz, good at exploiting a horrible version of the 20-time Grand Slam champion. In the highlight of the tournament, the 39-year-old from Basel was unable to change gear, indeed he highlighted all the shortcomings that limit him to the 40-year-old threshold.

At the press conference there were many questions about his future, with King Roger who did not provide any certain answers. In his column on 'El Pais', Toni Nadal defended the Swiss from all those who invite him to hang up his racket.

We will see if the former world number 1 will be able to leave everyone speechless for the umpteenth time.

Roger Federer was knocked out of the tournament

"On different occasions, I have heard the argument that the great stars of sports should retire while they are still able to maintain a high position so as not to tarnish their good reputation," Toni Nadal wrote.

"I do not agree with this statement, since I have never been left with the image of a great champion at the time of his decline. And to those who do it, at the very least, it is necessary to point out their mistake. After a brief review of yesterday's press, I pick up the following headlines: “Hurkacz throws Roger Federer a donut ”, “Federer expelled from the temple of tennis”, “Federer breaks in three sets”, “Hurkacz threw the king out of his kingdom”.

Of course, I no longer read any of the texts. Regardless of the end of his tennis career, nothing and nobody will be able to taint the prestige that the great Swiss tennis player has given to the history of tennis. I wish him, of course, one more time with all of us and, above all, a farewell tour so that the fans of the big tournaments can show him, once again, their great affection and admiration."

As heartbreaking as it may sound, it is only true that pace was a major concern for Roger. While Hubert returned any and every shot possible, Roger was submitting to unforced errors. As the game progressed, his dominance started diminishing and the Polish youngster took advantage of that.

From aces to trick shots, Hubert had everything up to his sleeve; but most importantly, he had the energy Federer didn’t have. The Swiss giant looked beyond exhausted towards the end of the game.