'Roger Federer cannot train as hard as before', says WTA legend

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'Roger Federer cannot train as hard as before', says WTA legend

Roger Federer's dream of winning his ninth Wimbledon title was abruptly shattered in the quarter-finals on Wednesday, moreover with a score that does not do justice to an icon of his caliber. The Swiss phenomenon surrendered in three sets to an excellent Hubert Hurkacz, who even inflicted a bagel on him in the third set.

The former world number 1, author of a good tournament in relation to the circumstances, showed that he is still far from the form necessary to aspire to the highest levels. The 39-year-old from Basel had already taken a big risk on his debut against Adrian Mannarino, benefiting from the unfortunate incident that occurred to the latter while he was leading by two sets to one.

At the press conference after his elimination in London, the 20-time Grand Slam champion did not want to unbalance his future, but he could not hide a certain amount of regret. In an interview with the 'Metro' portal, WTA legend Martina Navratilova analyzed King Roger's performance in her favorite tournament.

Navratilova on Roger Federer

Former American tennis player Martina Navratilova valued the defeat of Roger Federer a couple of days ago in the 2021 Wimbledon quarterfinals, adding that time passes and the Swiss's shortcomings are increasingly notable: "Roger missed a year due to injury.

However, considering the fact that the circuit was paralyzed by the coronavirus, it seems as if nothing has been lost. He managed to get in shape and currently his knee does not bother him, but time is passing. He will be able to play tennis all the time.

As long as he wants, but he will not be able to rejuvenate. Due to his age, he cannot train as hard as before. In the quarterfinals against Hurkacz we saw all his weaknesses. As he gets older, the mistakes become more evident and you can no longer change your I play as easily as ten years ago," he said in words collected by Metro.

Although Federer missed the 2016 Rio Olympics due to a knee injury, the reasons for missing this one could be different. While exhaustion could play a part, the restrictions getting tighter in Japan could play just as big a part in his decision.

While the Swiss star has set an example for the new generation of players on the tour, former tennis player Chris Evert believes he needs to work harder should he continue to compete. She said, “If he’s going to come back, he’s got to work harder than he’s ever worked before and he’s got to realise there are a lot of young guys coming up who are dangerous… It’s going to be tougher and tougher. If he wants to play, he’s going to have to deal with more losses”.