'He doesn't have Roger Federer's serve but...', says former No.1

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'He doesn't have Roger Federer's serve but...', says former No.1

World number one Novak Djokovic defeated world number nine Matteo Berrettini to clinch the 2021 Wimbledon Championship title. This is his 20th Grand Slam title and with this, he has now equaled Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the Grand Slam tally.

"I could definitely imagine that would happen," Djokovic said in the interview. With the way he's playing, nothing seems impossible for Nole. Therefore, there is a high probability that fans will also see him lift the 2021 US Open title.

"I will definitely give it a try," added the 20-time Grand Slam champion. Novak Djokovic is surely on the verge of becoming the greatest tennis player of all time. Even though some fans have already started calling him that, he can accomplish a lot more even now.

It will be interesting to see if he succeeds at the US Open 2021 or not. Can you finish his career with the most Grand Slam titles? It was the sixth time Djokovic has played at least three Grand Slam finals in a single year.

It is a record in itself, as he surpassed Roger Federer in this incredible feat. You can surpass him and Rafael Nadal in yet another record if he completes the Grand Slam schedule this year, which neither of them have achieved in his professional career thus far.

Wilander on Djokovic's ability to dominate on grass

Mats Wilander believes Novak Djokovic's recent dominance of the men's tour shows the Serb can stay at the top for several more years, long after Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal call it a day.

According to the Swede, the World No. 1 is a "smarter" player than he was before. Wilander also mentioned that the Serb's former coach, Andre Agassi, revealed to the Swede how Djokovic devoted himself to making his game perfect rather than focusing on his opponent's shots.

"He (Novak Djokovic) is smarter than before," continued Wilander. "When André Agassi started working with him in 2017, he confided in me all his surprise at seeing how little Novak leaned into the characteristics of his opponent, he placed himself in the machine world, stuck to his line, did not miss and played clean shots."

The 56-year-old marveled at Djokovic's ability to dominate on grass despite not having a serve as potent as Pete Sampras or Roger Federer. "How can you be so dominant on grass without having the serve of a Pete Sampras or a Roger Federer? I don't think he got any better on one particular shot, but he added strings to his bow, especially in his approach to the net," said Wilander.

"It's not so much his on-the-fly technique that amazes me as his defense. He knows exactly where to stand and how to move."