'When I see the grace Roger Federer has on the court...', says ATP ace

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'When I see the grace Roger Federer has on the court...', says ATP ace

After yet another triumph at Wimbledon last Sunday, Novak Djokovic has further fueled his chances of breaking all records by the end of his career. The number 1 in the world has in fact already equaled the 20 Slams of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, as well as having spent more weeks than everyone at the top of the ATP rankings.

There seem to be no limits for the Belgrade champion, especially in a period of great difficulty for the Swiss and the Spanish. If he were to win the US Open at the end of August, the Serbian veteran would make the 'Calendar Grand Slam' for the first time since Rod Laver.

Many believe that - if Nole were to complete such a feat - there would be no more discussions about who is the greatest ever. King Roger is unlikely to be able to increase his showcase to almost 40, while Rafa's worn physique does not leave too much room for optimism.

During a long interview with 'L’Equipe', Richard Gasquet confided that he does not attach too much importance to the number of Majors won when it comes to decree the GOAT.

Richard Gasquet on the GOAT debate

"I see tennis differently, I've always said that for me it's not just the number of Grand Slam titles that matters," Richard Gasquet said.

"One at 21, the other at 22 or 23. I don't just see the Grand Slam winner, I look at the aesthetics, what you give off on the court. I often hear the race to the highest, it is a pointless subject. For me, Roger Federer is irreplaceable, he's the greatest player of all time when I see the aesthetics, the grace he has on the court."

However, Gasquet claimed he does like Djokovic as a player too. In fact, the Frenchman doesn't think of himself as someone who is biased towards either the Serb or Federer. "I watch tennis for that (the beauty), although Novak Djokovic is definitely the best and an amazing player," Gasquet said.

"Winning three Grand Slams in a row is incredible. I'm not into the pro-Federer or pro-Djokovic thing. There are some who like Federer and don't like Djokovic at all, that's not my case at all; I like Djokovic a lot.

It's just that when I watch Federer, I've been in awe from start to finish forever. In sports, I watch Messi, Neymar, I see the aesthetics and the extraordinary sensations they provide." Roger Federer has been struggling to find his rhythm and form on the court for the past couple of years.

The knee injuries and surgeries have slowed him down on the court, consequently affecting his game. However, he is focused and determined enough to get back to his winning ways and perhaps win a Grand Slam title before retiring.