'Considering what Roger Federer means for world tennis...', says ATP star


'Considering what Roger Federer means for world tennis...', says ATP star

One of the biggest tennis evolutions of the 21st century is the incorporation of the hawk eye. Now, technology plays a fundamental role in sports. Hawk-eye was introduced in 2001 to ensure fair verdicts were rendered to players.

Now, at the US Open 2021, there is a new modification in the technology to avoid confusion. In early 2021, the Australian Open announced that it would go ahead without linesmen. This would be accomplished with the help of the live electronic hawk eye, meaning that the technology would render the verdict on whether the ball was in or out without the need for players to challenge it.

This was done to reduce the number of people on the court, due to the Covid-19 situation. Now, the format is set for use in the next US Open series. History of the hawk eye The hawk eye system was born in 2001 and was first used in Grand Slam tennis during the 2006 US Open.

The machines capture where the ball has landed and help players if they want to challenge the call on the court. Over the years, the hawk's eye has come under great scrutiny. Many players have questioned the accuracy of the system and the need for tech-savvy linesmen.

However, popular opinion continues to be in favor of the electronic system. The change in the system means that now, the technology will analyze where the ball has bounced and provide the call. This automatically eliminates the need for linesmen and challenges.

Continuing with the Australian Open, it has been announced that most of the tournaments leading up to the final Slam of the year will work with the live hawk eye system. In his third Wimbledon appearance, Hubert Hurkacz notched up the biggest win of his career when he dumped out eight-time champion Roger Federer in straight sets in the quarterfinals.

Hurkacz talks about Roger Federer

In an interaction with Polish site sport.dziennik.pl, the 24-year-old revealed that it was quite an experience for him locking horns with the Swiss legend on his Centre Court debut. "The truth is that beating Roger Federer on that court where he has achieved so many victories, with all the public supporting him and with what it means for world tennis, is something indescribable," said Hurkacz.

"Certainly, this success gave me more self-confidence and increased my willingness to win. In London, it was a great success because it was the first time in a Grand Slam tournament that I had climed so high," he said. "However, some hunger remained, because I was close to the final and I could have played a little better against Berrettini."

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