'Knowing Roger Federer from quite a young age...', says top analyst

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'Knowing Roger Federer from quite a young age...', says top analyst

The official statement that Roger Federer released yesterday announcing his withdrawal from the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games has caused a cataclysm in the world of tennis. This decision has led to certain debates about the present and the future of his career.

Damn knee. That is what all Roger Federer fans who have seen how his player has been continuously walking away from the circuit due to continuous injuries will think. The problem in his knees appeared in 2016, when the left meniscus was torn, bathing his children.

Paganini acknowledged in an interview that this clay tour produced instability in his knee joint and was the beginning of this torture. When it seemed that these discomforts subsided with conservative treatment and away from the tracks, it seemed after his irruption on the circuit in 2017 that these discomforts disappeared.

Three seasons at a great level, but in 2019 the problems returned. If previously the left meniscus was playing a trick on him, now the right meniscus appeared, which made him undergo surgery twice and made him miss a whole season.

In 2021 he reappeared in Doha and after gradually picking up competitive pace, it seems that at Wimbledon those problems have returned. He has not wanted to give more hints of those annoyances, but Federer has already communicated that he will not play the Tokyo Olympics.

Will we see him at the US Open?

Rusedski comments on Roger Federer

Former US Open finalist Greg Rusedski recently gave his thoughts on Roger Federer's knee setback that forced him to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics this month.

“So the question is, will he be happy not being able to win Majors again, and that is the big question only Roger can answer," Greg Rusedski said on the Tennis Channel. "Knowing Roger from quite a young age, around 16-17 years of age, I don’t think he will be satisfied just showing up without really believing he can win”.

Rusedski also reminisced about Roger Federer's 2017 season, which saw the Swiss make a winning return to the sport after a serious knee injury. Rusedski believes Federer's comeback four years ago "defied logic", but questioned whether he would be able to enjoy the same success this time around.

“Roger Federer has defied logic, he has defied time, he created a new game in 2017,” Rusedski said. “There is not more he can create anymore because it was all based on movement, taking the ball early coming forward”.