Patrick Mouratoglou and the doubts about Serena Williams' future

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Patrick Mouratoglou and the doubts about Serena Williams' future

In the last few hours, through a video post on her social accounts, the American champion Serena Williams announced her forfeit from the US Open. This choice did not particularly surprise fans given her recent injuries but it has created several rumors about the possibility that the tennis player could soon announce her retirement.

As for Roger Federer this retirement by the 23-time Grand Slam winner and Serena released the following statements: "After careful consideration and after talking to the doctors I have decided that I will not participate in the US Open to allow the my body to fully recover from a hamstring tear."

Mouratoglou's words about Serena Williams

Her well-known coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke of Serena Williams' recent forfeit showing great disappointment. He said: "This is a disappointment, it was not something we expected.

In fact, the withdrawal is the evolution of a process that saw the injury being more serious than expected. We did everything possible and we knew that with each passing day we had less chance of him recovering, ten days ago we had an MRI and we saw that the lesion was still there.

She couldn't even run Serena, she was barely standing up and so we were forced to make this decision. If the US Open had been in three weeks, she might have had a chance. In the end we followed the advice of the doctors and they were clear from the beginning stating that he was at great risk in case of participation in the tournament and the injury could worsen considerably.

Serena never wants to give up, but we all knew it was the right thing to do. 2022 or retirement? Honestly, I don't know and we're not talking about it, the US Open was the last goal of this season, we have to digest this cold shower well and then maybe we will sit down and discuss.

I'm not sure of anything at the moment." We don't know now what Serena's future will be with the 24 Slam that now appears very far away.