Serena Williams's husband invests into making space travel cheaper for everyone

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Serena Williams's husband invests into making space travel cheaper for everyone

As a known entrepreneur and investor, especially in the technology sector, Serena Williams’s husband, Alexis Ohanian, revealed that the venture capital firm he’s involved in, Seven Seven Six, is an early bird at backing up sustainable rockets, which promise to make booking a space trip similar to booking a flight to your favorite vacation spot.

The company funded by the venture capital firm is called Stoke Space. “Airline customers can book flights to virtually any place at any time. Satellite operators crave similar flexibility in cost, schedule, and mission design.

These options are simply not available with today’s launch solutions. STOKE was formed to solve this problem from a purely customer-centric point of view,” the aerospace company writes on their website. Alexis Ohanian shared his pride in investing in a company like Stoke Space in one of his Instagram posts.

“I've got a great job because we, 776 Fund, get to be some of the earliest investors in literal rocketships.

Stoke Space makes 100% reusable rockets designed to fly daily. Building for space is going to help us save Earth, too,” said Alexis Ohanian on Instagram.

What is the company Williams’s husband invested in

According to their official website, Stoke Space “was formed to develop low-cost, on-demand access to and from space.

That means access to any orbit at any time, for orders of magnitude lower cost”. “STOKE’s team is cherry-picked from the best of the best in space launch, leading to ultra-fast innovation and results. Having played an integral role in bringing New Space’s first generation of reusable rockets to market at SpaceX, Blue Origin, and others, we are now focused on building Reusability 2.0,” the rocket-building company says.