Mouratoglou: "Serena Williams the GOAT despite Court's record"

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Mouratoglou: "Serena Williams the GOAT despite Court's record"
Mouratoglou: "Serena Williams the GOAT despite Court's record" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Patrick Mouratoglou is certain that Serena Williams will be remembered as the greatest tennis player of all time, regardless of Margaret Smith Court's record. In fact we have to recall that Serena won 23 Grand Slam titles, while Smith Court won 24 Majors, which is a record, despite all hope Serena can match this record.

Mouratoglou believes the American will always be remembered as the GOAT, and he said during an interview: "Margaret Court was playing at a time when three quarters weren't even going to Australia, where tennis was an amateur sport, when draws were of 16 players.

I don't mean to disrespect Margaret Court, but it's another era. Yes, it would be better if Serena broke her record but, if she doesn't, she will still be the greatest player of all time." Serena hasn't played an official match since she slipped on Center Court at Wimbledon 2021.

Mouratoglou said Serena still has tennis to compete at the highest level: Tennis? Serena still has it. The question is how much does she want it and what is she willing to do to get there? Since she has had her daughter, it is more difficult.

She has a lot of trouble not putting her life as a mother before her life as a player, which is completely understandable. I think that's the main reason she didn't win a Grand Slam. Her family comes first and in order to do great things in one area, that area cannot come second.

She is pondering and we will see what will come of it."

Serena's career

Williams has won 73 WTA singles titles: 23 of these are Grand Slam events, making her the second player ever to have won more Majors in this specialty behind only Margaret Smith Court, who excels with 24.

She has completed the virtual Grand Slam, which consists in winning four consecutive Slams not in the same calendar year, twice (in the two years 2002-2003 and 2014-2015). She also boasts five year-end Master Cups and 19 Premier category tournaments (6 Premier Mandatory, 6 Premier 5 and 7 Premier), as well as 21 Tier I and Tier II titles and a gold medal won at the London Olympics in 2012.

against Maria Sharapova. Not only in singles Williams can boast numerous victories, but also in women's doubles and mixed doubles, where there are 16 other Grand Slam tournaments: 14 won with her older sister Venus and two in mixed doubles, both obtained with Maks Mirny in the 1998.

To these successes must be added another three gold medals at the Olympics, all won together with Venus, a Federation Cup and two Hopman Cups.

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