Reilly Opelka: Serena Williams wouldn't be what she is without Venus

Opelka speaks extremely highly of Venus.

by Dzevad Mesic
Reilly Opelka: Serena Williams wouldn't be what she is without Venus

World No. 20 Reilly Opelka admits he has learned a lot from Venus Williams and he insists Serena wouldn't be what she is without Venus. Venus, a former world No. 1, is a seven-time Grand Slam champion and a three-time Grand Slam runner-up.

Her sister Serena has had more success, winning 24 Majors. "I have learned more from her than from any other active player," Opelka said of Venus, as quoted on Punto de Break. "She is a brilliant woman, a fierce competitor.

She works in a totally different way from the rest and is incredibly competitive, she is someone who cannot tolerate defeat, it practically makes her sick to think about She doesn't even look past her victories, she just lives in the moment.

If it weren't for Serena, she would be the greatest tennis player in history Mind you, Serena wouldn't be what she is without Venus either, so credit to both of them. Plus. She has a great sense of humor. I really enjoy being with her and learning from her."

Venus Williams was happy to meet Maria Sharapova

Venus, 41, is still active on the Tour, while 34-year-old Sharapova called it a career at the beginning of the 2020 season.

Venus and Sharapova came across each other at the Met Gala. "We were saying with my sister that we would like Maria to still be playing on the tour, and then we saw her at the gala. We were so happy to see each other again, we hugged, laughed, remembered anecdotes and told her we missed her on the court.

Then we took the photo. The moral of this story is that even though we fought furiously on the court, years later we still respect each other. And Maria, if you want to come back, do it, because I and my sister care about you," Venus said.

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