Doll of Serena Williams’s daughter to spark the next Disney Pixar universe

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Doll of Serena Williams’s daughter to spark the next Disney Pixar universe
Doll of Serena Williams’s daughter to spark the next Disney Pixar universe (Provided by Tennis World USA)

In an interview to CNN, Serena Williams’s husband Alexis Ohanian revealed the higher purpose of Olympia’s favorite doll, the famous Qai Qai: to become the springboard for building a new Pixar universe. Being acquired by Disney in 2006, Pixar is an animation studio that worked on the makings of many successful animation movies, like Toy Story, Soul, Finding Nemo, and many more, and still produces some of the most captivating visuals.

For now, the Qai Qai doll has the mission to empower girls around the world and Olympia’s dad is a big supporter of this endeavor. “I think every little bit of progress forward is a step in the right direction.

I can't help but think that it will continue to be incumbent upon, I'll certainly say people like me dudes who have positions of power and influence and privilege to find ways to spotlight, to support, to champion, and to do the work,” Alexis Ohanian told CNN.

As proof of Ohanian’s noble intentions, Serena Williams’s husband and the Qai Qai doll have partnered with Adobe to offer a free downloadable coloring book featuring the toy. "I've always loved doodling myself.

I drew the Reddit alien (Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit), which has now become pretty iconic. All of that started with a coloring book, all that started with some crayons, some markers, and some free time. And now that I have a daughter, I've actually found it kind of meditative to color with her," Ohanian said.

Per CNN, Ohanian said coloring is “a great way to get children to focus” and he added: "I hope it can be a gateway for any kid, regardless of their age. Basically, as long as they can hold a crayon, they can enjoy this."

The birth of a new Pixar?

The Qai Qai doll got 337.000 followers on Instagram with the help of a few promotional posts made by Serena Williams on her account since the doll’s launch.

However, Ohanian has much bigger plans for Qai Qai than being just a social media influencer. "We were not ready to announce anything yet, but I can say there is a lot of exciting stuff on deck for Qai Qai. When we think about the broader invisible universe, the goal here really is to build another Pixar,” said Ohanian.

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