Agent: Serena Williams has nothing left to prove, her greatness is set in stone

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Agent: Serena Williams has nothing left to prove, her greatness is set in stone

Agent Jill Smother says Serena Williams doesn't need to win a 24th Grand Slam as he believes the American has nothing left to prove. Williams, 40, is a 23-time Grand Slam champion and one of the greatest players in tennis history.

However, she is not holding the all-time Grand Slam record as Margaret Court won 24 Grand Slams in singles during her career. Williams has been hunting a 24th Grand Slam for nearly five years as her last Major title came at the Australian Open in 2017.

“At 23 or 20 Slams, she shouldn’t have to hit another ball for us to say what she’s done is historic,” Smoller said, per Tennis Up To Date. “Yes, there’s that 24, but the times were so different back then.

How do you compare 23 Grand Slams in this day and age to a record set 100 years ago when the tennis was so different? “She doesn’t have to hit another ball to have her greatness set in stone. I do know there’s still some stuff undone and she likes to be able to control her narrative and legacy”.

Williams motivated to make a successful comeback

Williams last played at Wimbledon, where she retired her first round match after only a couple of games played. Williams ended up prematurely ending her season to focus on recovering from a torn hamstring as she is expected to return to action at the Australian Open in January.

“She has a demand for excellence,” added Smoller. “She wants to be able to do everything on her own terms and be in control of her narrative. What’s kept her motivated each time is that she didn’t feel like she was done.

“You put an obstacle in front of her and I’ll give you a person who will put their head down and will stop at nothing to accomplish what they have set in front of her”.