Monica Seles: "It's amazing Serena Williams' comeback after the pregnancy!"

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Monica Seles: "It's amazing Serena Williams' comeback after the pregnancy!"

Serena Williams has won 73 WTA singles titles: 23 of these are Grand Slam events, making her the second player ever to have won more majors in this specialty behind only Margaret Smith Court, with 24. Serena has completed the Grand Slam virtual, which consists in winning four consecutive Slams not in the same calendar year, twice.

She has also won five year-end Master Cups and 19 Premier category tournaments, as well as 21 Tier I and Tier II titles and a gold medal from the 2012 London Olympics. Not only in women's singles: in fact Serena Williams can also boast numerous victories in women's doubles and mixed doubles, where there are 16 other Grand Slam tournaments: 14 won with her older sister Venus and two in mixed doubles, both obtained with Maks Mirny in 1998.

To these successes must be added three other gold medals at the Olympics, all won together with Venus, a Federation Cup and two Hopman Cups.

Seles: "It's amazing Serena Williams' back after pregnancy!"

Monica Seles, in a recent episode of The GOAT: Serena podcast, discussed Serena Williams' legacy, including the various roles the American star has embraced off the court.

Seles, a nine-time Grand Slam champion, praised Williams' decision to return to the sport after becoming her mother. She said: "It's just amazing that after becoming a mom she wanted to come back to the sport and still keep going at such a pace because tennis is an individual sport, it's up to Serena.

She doesn't have a support system like an NBA player or Baseball where you have teammates. It's all on you, it's on her to show up. It's unbelievable she's competing against players who are 10, 20 years younger; whose bodies haven't been through those countless hours of practice and pressure.

Also the injuries - to come back from them and be hungry after doing rehab months after months. And for her to keep that balance of being a mom and working around the world. I don't know how she's been able to manage all that with Olympia, I mean just putting the little one to sleep with the timezone changes. "