Serena Williams “heard the noise” of her nightmare Wimbledon injury

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Serena Williams “heard the noise” of her nightmare Wimbledon injury

During her recent Jimmy Kimmel Live interview, Serena Williams revealed how did the hamstring injury suffered in the first round of this year’s Wimbledon felt like on the court. The hamstring injury, which kept Serena out of the US Open as well, happened as the American tennis icon tried to go for a shot against her opponent, Aliaksandra Sasnovich.

“I see you walking. Your hamstring is good, right?” Kimmel asked Serena as the tennis player entered the famous late-night show’s studio. Williams gave good news to the host and his audience. “My hamstring is better.

It took a long time, it’s like forever, but it’s much better now,” said Serena. “I tore it at Wimbledon. I was winning (Serena laughs), I went for a shot, and I heard this noise. I was like ‘Oh, no…’,” said Williams.

“You can hear it when it happens?” Kimmel asked surprised. “That particular one you could,” said Williams as Kimmel followed with an “Oh, boy”. “I felt it and I was like ‘Let me just keep trying,’ but it was bad.

I was like ‘Oh, man…’,” said Williams. “Shouldn’t they pave over those grass courts of Wimbledon? Isn’t it time they put some cement down?” asked Kimmel ironically. “I love the grass, I really do.

It’s something special, walking out at Wimbledon and wearing all white and being on that green grass. It’s super special, but it just wasn’t for me this year,” said Serena.

How did Serena Williams react after the Wimbledon injury

Serena Williams cried and cheered as she walked off Wimbledon’s Center Court after missing out on what could have been her last chance to win the 24th Grand Slam.

Serena preferred to send everyone a precise statement about her feelings and this very difficult moment: "It broke my heart that I had to retire due to an injury to my right leg. My love and gratitude go out to all the fans and my team who make it so meaningful to be on the center court.

Feeling the extraordinary warmth and support of the crowd both when I entered and when I left the court meant a lot to me," said Williams. Watch the moment Serena Williams got injured here: