Jim Courier: Serena Williams still has game but she needs the good health first

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Jim Courier: Serena Williams still has game but she needs the good health first

Former world No. 1 Jim Courier thought Serena Williams' serve wasn't where it needed to be when she beat Naomi Osaka at the Australian Open earlier this year. Williams, 40, made the Australian Open semifinal before losing to Osaka in straight sets.

"At the 2021 Australian Open and the sequence leading into it, all of us watching her thought she was moving better than she had in years and she said 'Yes, that's true, I'm fitter than I've been, i feel great.' And she played great down there.

She just ran into Naomi Osaka and she had one of those days where to Andy's point she didn't serve that she had en route to that round," Courier said during his appearance on Tennis Channel.

Courier insists Williams can't be writen off

Williams last played at Wimbledon, where she was forced to retire her first round match.

Williams was hoping to play the US Open but a hamstring issue kept her out for the remainder of the season. Williams has 23 Grand Slams in her collections and she is still not giving up on catching up on Margeret Court's record of 24 Majors.

"She needs good health. She needs the match play and then she needs to be able to do it under crunch time. And that's really been the issue for her in recent years. She has made the finals and in a lot of Majors she just hasn't played her best at at that time.

And that's been her signature, playing her best in crunch time," Courier explained. "We will see. Of course we want her to be healthy, we want her to purse her dreams, she is definitely capable of getting them. There is no doubt she has the tennis.

She needs the health to start it all of." Williams is expected to play at the Australian Open in January.