Frances Tiafoe: Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time

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Frances Tiafoe: Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time

World No. 38 Frances Tiafoe has nothing but a great respect for Serena and Venus Williams as he credits the Williams sisters for choosing to be a tennis player. The Williams sisters came from a long way and both will go down as tennis legends.

Both Serena and Venus are multiple Grand Slam champions and former world No. 1s. "The name of the Williams is so important, even more so in the African-American community," Tiafoe said, per Sportskeeda. "Without what they have achieved, I would never have entered the world of tennis.

Earlier, apart from them, there were no other colored players. What they have also succeeded in bringing, in their wake, are the Sloane Stephens, the Coco Gauffs."

Tiafoe declares Serena Williams as the GOAT

Serena is a 23-time Grand Slam champion and she has been aiming a record-tying 24th Grand Slam title for years.

Margaret Court still owns the all-time Grand Slam record in the women's game with 24 Majors and some are reluctant to declare Serena as the greatest tennis player of all time because she doesn't own the all-time Grand Slam record.

"She's a GOAT and for decades! She is so much more than what she has accomplished in tennis," Tiafoe insisted. "I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone around, in every corner, knows Serena Williams. When I go back and say I play tennis, the first thing I hear is, "Ah!

Like the Williams sisters!" Tiafoe insists the other sportsmen have an enormous respect for the Williams sisters. "The other sportsmen respect them enormously," Tiafoe said of the Williams sisters. "When I came to see the US Open matches, I remember the boxes on the courts where they played were overflowing with Hollywood stars.

I told myself that I wanted to be like them: not only to have a great career in tennis but also to transcend the sport ”