Rick Macci: Serena Williams never probably thinks she's even lost

Macci explains what one player needs to have.

by Dzevad Mesic
Rick Macci: Serena Williams never probably thinks she's even lost

Legendary tennis coach Rick Macci was asked to explain what a player should have and to no one surprise he mentioned the likes of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Serena and Venus WIlliams. "Definitely Federer's forehand, Djokovic's backhand and Roddick's serve," Macci stated in a recent podcast appearance with Kamau Murray.

Macci was one of the first coaches to work with Serena and Venus. "The inner quality of Serena. To this day, according to me, she probably thinks she's undefeated in her own way. She never probably thinks she's even lost. She just ran out of time.

It's a way you play this game within a game of your own mind," Macci claimed.

Macci coached Serena and Venus Williams

When it comes to movement, Macci believes there is no one better than Venus. "And obviously the movement of Venus.

The legs help but inside the legs she had these strides and her make up speed was brutal. No one's been able to hit on the run like Venus Williams. I think if people don't agree with that then they're looking at the wrong movie.

She can hit on the run like Djoker, he could stretch out or like Medvedev, they have these tentacles that just keep on going and get behind the ball. So that would be my ultimate player." Meanwhile, Serena announced her withdrawal from the Australian Open.

Serena hasn't played since Wimbledon due to a hamstring issue but she was hoping she would be ready for the Australian Open. "While this is never an easy decision to make, I am not where I need to be physically to compete," Williams told the Australian Open website.

"Melbourne is one of my favorite cities to visit and I look forward to playing at the AO every year. I will miss seeing the fans, but am excited to return and compete at my highest level."

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