Martina Navratilova compares Naomi Osaka to Serena Williams

Osaka has seven titles and four of those seven came at the Grand Slam level.

by Dzevad Mesic
Martina Navratilova compares Naomi Osaka to Serena Williams

Former world No. 1 Martina Navratilova suggested Naomi Osaka is all about business as she is focused on making it all the way on the biggest stage. Osaka, 24, has seven titles in her collection and four of those seven titles came at the Grand Slam level.

"Naomi [Osaka] dominated the majors, particularly the hard courts, but never the little tournaments,” Navratilova told the WTA, as quoted on Tennishead. “Kind of like Serena. I think to leave your mark on the game, you need to dominate all the events, a la Barty, a la Djokovic.

“They concentrate on majors, but you can’t just use the other tournaments as warmups”.

Navratilova thinks Osaka needs to play more

Osaka took a two-month break from tennis after the French Open and she also didn't play any events in 2021 after the US Open.

"The less you play, the more the pressure builds up and the less feel you have for the game itself,” Navratilova explained. “You need to put in the reps. If [Naomi Osaka] can do that, she has the game to blow anybody off the court because she’s quick, moves well and is strong on both wings.

“And she’s got the massive serve as well. She just needs to play more matches”. Recentl, Osaka opened up about losing the joy for the game. "I started to feel like that power was being taken away from me,” Osaka explained.

“I wasn’t playing to make myself happy and I was more concerned about what would people say about me. “I used to love the competition and just being competitive. Like if I were to play a long match, the longer it was the more fun it was for me.

"And then I just started to feel – recently – the longer it was the more stressed out I became. But I just needed a break to go within myself."

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