Serena Williams loves Patrick Mouratoglou's post, hints at possible return


Serena Williams loves Patrick Mouratoglou's post, hints at possible return

Renowned tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglu recently opened up about his tennis beginnings and Serena Williams absolutely loved it. Mouratoglou is one of the world's top tennis coaches, having guided Williams to a number of Grand Slam titles.

"This is how it started," Mouratoglou started in an Instagram post. "As a kid, I was destined for failure. I was sick all the time, had regular panic attacks and had a complete lack of self-esteem that led me to a complete inability to connect with people.

"Then I discovered tennis. For the first time, I found a place - the tennis court - I felt comfortable, I felt powerful, I felt good at something, I felt like I was worth something. "Tennis saved my life. "Thanks to tennis, Being so passionate about it, I turned my life around and became a very good junior player in France.

"My dream became to be a professional tennis players. Coming from a more “intellectual” background, my parents didn’t really see tennis as a viable career options and didn’t support my project. "I had to hang my racket and study.

"I was devastated. "But not for long. "6 years after, I decided that if I couldn’t achieve my own dream, I would help other young passionate tennis players achieve theirs and reach their full potential. "It became my life mission.

"That’s how I founded the Mouratoglou Academy in 1996 and then became a tennis coach!"

Williams hints at a possible return

"Fast forward 25 years, I have guided many pro players to reach their goals, scouted several of the world’s top tennis prospects, opened multiple tennis center, and coached the Greatest player of all times, Serena Williams, for the last 10 years," Mouratoglou continued.

"It doesn’t matter where you are or where you start. If you have a dream, a vision, and that you’re doing what you’re doing for the right reasons, you can turn your life around." "I love this!!!! Let’s get back out there," commented Williams.

Williams hasn't played since Wimbledon. Williams was hoping to start her season at the Australian Open but she pulled out of the event.

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