Paul Annacone: Serena Williams wants to get Grand Slam title No. 24

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Paul Annacone: Serena Williams wants to get Grand Slam title No. 24

Former American tennis player Paul Annacone absolutely believes Serena Williams hasn't given up on the idea of winning a 24th Grand Slam. Williams has been on 23 Grand Slams since the 2017 Australian Open. Australian tennis legend Margaret Court still owns the all-time Grand Slam record with 24 Grand Slams.

"Let’s think about it. 23, she’s been on that number of Majors. She doesn’t play another match, it doesn’t matter. She has done so much. Internally, I think with great players, they got to figure out why they want to keep playing.

She is such a competitor. She wants to get that No. 24," Annacone said on Tennis Channel, as revealed on Sportskeeda.

Williams has had a long pause

Williams hasn't played since retiring her Wimbledon first round match.

Annacone acknowledged that staying away from the game for too long can create problems. "All those things outside the court for her are great way for her to kind of decompress and hit the reset button for a bit. But, at the end of your career as an athlete, you have to be very careful not to stay too far that way.

Because the longer you go, the longer it is to get back there. I think she and Patrick know exactly what they want to do. There is no reason she can’t continue to play great," Annacone added. Meanwhile, another coach spoke highly of Williams as Sascha Bajin described the American as a "workhorse."

“The biggest lesson I've learned from Serena Williams was, without a doubt, how to keep up the intensity and how to practice," Bajin said on The Functional Tennis Podcast. "She is a workhorse. Nothing in her life came easy and she really had to work super hard for everything in her life." Williams was expected to make her comeback at the Australian Open but she pulled out of the event.