Serena Williams discusses gender equality


Serena Williams discusses gender equality

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams says she is happy to see that people are starting to recognize that women deserve equal play. "Women have to be seen the same," Williams told CBS News, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"It takes time. You just can't expect things to change overnight. I like that people are starting to recognize that women do deserve equal pay and they deserve the same that a male gets." Williams spoke to CBS News about her partnership beer company Michelob ULTRA for a commercial during the Super Bowl LVI.

"It's great to see them walking their walk and talking their talk, to what they put their commitment into," Williams said. "I applaud them for elevating female athletes and amplifying inclusivity to the world's biggest stage, the Super Bowl.

It doesn't really get any bigger than that."

Williams had fun shooting the Super Bowl commercial

"So it was really fun," Williams said. "It's a really good campaign, just having an opportunity to talk about joy and how critical it is for joy to be in your life." Meanwhile, Williams hasn't played since retiring her Wimbledon first round match.

Williams was hoping to be ready for start of the season and the Australian Open but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Williams, 40, is attempting to make another comeback and she claims she is not afraid of retirement.

"I am prepared for [the day of my retirement]. I've been prepared for that day for over a decade. If you've seen King Richard, you know that my dad always said, "You've got to prepare!" So, I've been prepared for that," Williams said in her interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"You know, at the end of the day, I think it's really important to always have a plan and that's kind of what I did. I always had a plan."

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