Venus Williams reveals what she has always admired about Serena

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Venus Williams reveals what she has always admired about Serena

USA's Serena Williams is one of the greatest champions the game has ever seen and Venus says it's not a coincidence since her sister doesn't accept second place in anything. Serena, 40, is the second player on the all-time Grand Slam record with 23 Grand Slam titles in her collection.

Margaret Court owns a record 24 Grand Slams but some believe Serena is the one that should be considered as the GOAT despite not having the all-time Grand Slam record. "Usually in one family there’s one good player and then the other one is not that great.

And I think people told Serena she wouldn’t be great," Venus said in an interview with fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar for their March 2022 issue, per Sportskeeda. "The fearlessness with which she approached the game was something I’ve always really admired.

She doesn’t accept second. She explicitly told me herself that she plays for first place”.

Venus Williams on what she learned from Serena

"My role models are always my parents and very close to home Serena," Venus said.

"Even though she was younger than me I learned so much from her, I learned courage and I learned heart. I had talent but I didn't necessarily have those two. So those role models were always very close to home for me."

The Williams sisters have inspired many kids, especially from the African-American community, to pick up a racket and play the game. "Growing up I wasn't taught to see color," Venus said. "That was important in my home, to not see color.

So it's important for me to be a role model for every person. I realize the world sees me as an African-American every day and that's okay with me as well because I'm very proud to be who I am. But it's more important for me to inspire all people and it's been an honor to do that."