Former NFL star hails Venus Williams' fight for gender equality

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Former NFL star hails Venus Williams' fight for gender equality

Former NFL player Nate Burleson has a great level of respect and admiration for Venus Williams and for what she has been fighting throughout her career. Williams, a seven-time Grand Slam champion, is a big advocate for gender equality and Burleson, a father of a young girl, respects the former world No.

1 for what she is fighting and standing for. "I have to say this as an NFL player, as a former NFL player, I would look up to you because you stood for so much, so much more than your sport, you transcended tennis. And now as a father of a young girl, I want to say I appreciate you because you are one of the women that I point to and tell her 'you can accomplish anything, ot just what people tell you you can do'," Burleson said on CBS Morning, per Sportskeeda.

Burleson asked Williams how men could join the fight for gender equality

"Absolutely and I am so excited to partner with Girls Inc., a national organization that helps girls be bold and strong, and girls need to know they have the same opportunities and it's just so important that this happens.

So, I'm very excited and I forgot part of the question now," Williams said. Williams, 41, underlined that it's extremely important men join the fight for gender equality. "Men are the fathers, men are the husbands, they're the brothers.

Men are an integral part of the solution and at this moment there are definitely more men in power than women. So it's important that men are a part of this solution, a part of this conversation and actually, taking a role in leading this.

It's so important and I'm glad that you asked that," Williams added. Meanwhile, Williams hasn't played since late August but she has recently confirmed that she plans to return this year.