Michael Mmoh on Serena Williams: Best tennis player all together to ever play

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Michael Mmoh on Serena Williams: Best tennis player all together to ever play

American tennis player Michael Mmoh thinks Serena Williams is the best player in tennis history and admitted the 23-time Grand Slam champion would be his dream doubles partner. Not that only Mmoh considers Williams as the GOAT in women's tennis, he thinks she should be considered as the best player in tennis history.

"I think I would pick the GOAT on that one, I have to go with Serena, not too many people have done it better than her," Mmoh said on the Tick Tock Tennis, as quoted on Sportskeeda. "You know probably the best tennis player all together to ever play, so I think it would be an honor to share the court with her."

Christopher Eubanks also recently named Williams as the GOAT

Fellow American Eubanks once had a chance to practice with Williams and it was a practice he will never forget. "I think the biggest thing is that I've never seen a laser-like focus like when I was practicing with Serena Williams," Eubanks said on the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast.

"Also, in turn, it made me a lot more focussed too. We can go and practice with our peers, obviously this is our job and our way of making a living, but the way she can dial in on every single ball is something that I feel would be missing in my own practice.

"When you're playing some guy and you miss a ball, no one is going to say a thing. But Serena is the GOAT. I don't really want to miss balls when I am practicing with her. It's just that awareness, like I need to lock in and focus on every ball [that helped me].

There's not that many people that I've practiced with where I felt - I don't want to call it attention, but I'll just call it focus."