Lewis Hamilton opens on how he can relate to Serena and Venus Williams' biopic

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Lewis Hamilton opens on how he can relate to Serena and Venus Williams' biopic
Lewis Hamilton opens on how he can relate to Serena and Venus Williams' biopic

King Richard has been mostly receiving positive critics and F1 star Lewis Hamilton absolutely enjoyed watching the film as he thought the biopic perfectly highlighted the hard work the Williams family put into making Serena and Venus Williams great champions.

After realizing that his daughters were talented for tennis, Richard Williams gave his absolute best to help Serena and Venus achieve their dream of becoming pros. Serena and Venus were never backing down from hard work and as a reward they are now considered as all-time greats.

"For those two, to see both of them rise and see their success and trials and tribulations," Hamilton said, per Sportskeeda. "But like all of us very, very much, we don't always understand what it's taken to get there people that tune in probably just think that they're just the best, and not understanding the commitment and the time and sacrifice that they have to put in."

Hamilton can relate to the Williams sisters

"And so it's amazing that it's that we was able to highlight that and just you know," Hamilton said.

"Behind everyone that's successful, there's always somebody you know, and very, very I can relate to because I have very amazing family, who, without them, I would not be here today" Hamilton, who is considered as one of the greatest F1 drivers, hopes to achieve something similar to the Williams sisters.

"And I hope at some stage," Hamilton added. "I'll be able to do this something similar to be able to just I think it's inspiring for families out there who I'm sure anyone in here that has kids once the best for their kids and wants to create the best opportunity and push them in the right way. But not too much and I think that was a great showing of how you can do that."

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