Rick Macci opens on decision to become coach of Serena and Venus Williams

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Rick Macci opens on decision to become coach of Serena and Venus Williams

Legendary tennis coach Rick Macci said he considers Serena and Venus Williams as his own daughters and he was glad that he played a part in them becoming all-time greats. Macci, who was one of the first coaches to work with the Williams sisters, also reflected on the King Richard film.

"It was incredible because it was one of the best times in my life," Macci said on Tennis Channel, per Sportskeeda. "I took a big chance, Venus and Serena are like my own daughters. Richard is my best friend. So to see this come out in a movie it was incredible.

It brought back so many memories, Richard and I were on a mission that wasn't going to be denied. Rest is history. "The movie is a masterpiece, it's so spot-on it blew me away. It told the true story and almost everything in there is 100% spot-on.

I loved it."

Richard Williams called Macci one day and the rest is history

"When I got this call from Richard, we started talking," Macci said. "I'm like, 'I'm going to go see this little kid, she was in the The New York Times, undefeated in under-10s'

So I flew to Compton. That night Richard, Oracene, Venus and Serena came to the hotel. Richard pulls out a piece of paper and this guy grilled me for like an hour. If he was going to let someone in their circle, he wanted a role model a father figure plus someone who's been there and done that." The Williams sisters have marked one era of tennis and many credit them for transcending the game.

Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slams, while Venus Williams has seven Majors in her collection. Neither of the two has played this year but they have confirmed they are planning to make a comeback this year.