Venus Williams shares vlog of her visit to Compton (WATCH)

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Venus Williams shares vlog of her visit to Compton (WATCH)

American tennis star Venus Williams recently visited Compton and recalled the memories she has from the place where it all started. In Compton, Williams went to elementary school, made first friends and that's where she and her sister Serena Williams made first tennis steps.

Even though Williams now occassionaly visits Compton, she still considers Compton as her community and home. "It's still my community. I still have roots here. I'm so proud to come home and say this is my home. This is where I'm from.

I'm very proud when I say Compton that people know what Compton is and where it is," Williams said.

Williams was present at opening of the remodeled Yetunde Price Resource Center

Unfortunately, Williams' eldest sister, Yetunde Price, died in a tragic shooting incident in 2003.

After Price's death, the Williams family founded a non-profit organization "Yetunde Price Resource Center," which has the goal of helping families that experience violence. "It's very special because Yetunde Price is my sister.

Unfortunately and tragically, she's not here with us today but we're able to do this center in her memory and our family's memory and most of all serve our community," Williams said. During her visit to Compton, Williams was accompanied by her sister Isha price.

Isha revealed Richard Williams used to ask different people to come and play Williams. Williams faced many different opponents but never lost. "It was all part of the process because Daddy wanted you to see different balls.

And he wanted you to see what it felt like to play against different people so he would always get them to play you and Serena. They play a set and you never lost," said Price. "Destroyed them, no mercy. What a heartless child I am!" quipped Venus.

Meanwhile, Williams hasn't played since late August but she recently confirmed she plans to make a comeback at some point this year.