Patrick Mouratoglou given approval by Serena Williams to work with SImona Halep

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Patrick Mouratoglou given approval by Serena Williams to work with SImona Halep

Renowned tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou has announced that he is becoming the full-time coach of Simona Halep, with the approval of Serena Williams. After the Australian Open, Halep fired two coaches. Before the Sunshine Double, Halep went to the Mouratoglou Academy for a week of training block.

There, Halep asked Mouratoglou if he was interested in working with her. Mouratoglou couldn't accept the offer at first but did so after having a conversation with Williams. "Today, I'm starting a new chapter in my coaching career.

I'm now the full-time coach of Simona Haleo," Mouratoglou announced on Thursday. "In the last eight months, I realized how much I missed coaching. It is the passion of my life, and I still feel like I have so much to give. "Simona came to the Mouratoglou Academy before Indian Wells for a training block.

I swung by at a few of her practices, watched her train. "At the end of the week, she asked me if I was available to coach her. I have the highest respect for her but it was out of the question at the time. "A few weeks later, I had a conversation with Serena, and the door opened for me, at least short term, to work with someone else.

"I will keep you updated on what's coming soon."

Halep excited about working with Mouratoglou

Halep, a former world No. 1, certainly feels she has a lot more to offer and that's why she is hiring Mouratoglou. Halep, now ranked at No.

20 in the world, has had a solid season so far. Halep started her season by winning the Melbourne Summer Set 1. Halep hasn't won a title since but she made the semifinals in Dubai and Indian Wells. "Excited for a new chapter. Let's get to work," Halep tweeted.